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Posted in: Watch out for terrorists See in context

What does a terrorist look like?

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Posted in: Xi's visit to Japan to take place after Nov: minister See in context

Give give Winnie the Pooh his honey pot and tell him to stay home. He's not welcome in Japan.

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Posted in: Approval rate for Abe's cabinet at 39%; lowest in 2 years: poll See in context

My wife and I are still amazed that 39% even supports him. I guess those supporters look at the alternative and go, "meh, what's worse?"

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

The Japanese Government is like the Samurai and stuck in their old traditional ways, while the rest of the world are becoming like Ninjas who are agile and adaptive to change.

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Posted in: Coates says Tokyo Games face 'real problems' due to COVID-19 See in context

Im so happy to see the Olympics being screwed. We don't need these events anymore.

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Posted in: 4.7 mil tweets criticize Abe plan to raise retirement age for prosecutors See in context

If they are so smart why haven't they retired already?

They don't want to be at home with their wives.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers, IOC clash over who will pay for delay See in context

Japan isn't going to have a yen to its name after COVID-19. Good luck figuring this out.

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Posted in: Abe asks citizens to be more diligent on social distancing See in context

Abe has proven that he is not a leader. A leader makes difficult decisions by ensuring there's a quarantine or emergency act put in place which forces everyone to stay home, and close non-essential businesses. Thanks to the lack of leadership in Japan, COVID-19 is going to take many lives with people crying over their loved ones asking "why did this happen?"

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympic organizers look to cut costs ahead of 2021 Games See in context

Oh don't worry, it won't be happening at all next year either. Maybe 2022 if you try holding your breath that long.

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Posted in: Abe defends mask give-out plan; eyes budget submission next week See in context

So he double-downs on his plan, huh? Typical for a lame-duck politician.

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

The Japanese government care more about economic health than the health of its citizens.

And the sad part is, most Japanese go along with that cause they are all programmed from birth, “がんばれ!!!”


Funny that you mentioned this. My wife was saying the corporations in Japan basically dictate to the Japanese government what they can or cannot do. So basically Abe must "obey" them, since he doesn't want the economy to go down the drain any more than it has.

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

If the Japanese government weren't so concerned about the Olympics, they could have gotten ahead of the virus and implemented a plan to control the spread. Instead, the whole country will suffer.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

1) They were hiding the numbers to try and make the Tokyo Olympics attractive. (Not a problem now)

2) They don't want to enforce restrictions on businesses / people because they're worried about their sagging economy.

These guys need to start putting in strict laws like Canada is doing with their people by ordering them to stay home during this crisis and not go out unless they need food / gas / medical supplies.

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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

And what if the virus never goes away? What then? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be beacon of hope, says IOC See in context

The Olympics is not life and death....COVID-19 is.

The focus should be to get the country back to normal, so they can safely host the games.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

Excellent. This is the best news all week.

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Posted in: No need to rush Games decision, say U.S. Olympic chiefs as splits emerge See in context

It's already cancelled, Abe just doesn't want to admit it.

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Posted in: Japan virus infections, including cruise ship cases, rise to 1,496 See in context

Can't wait to see Abe and his cronies freak out when the Olympics are cancelled.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't ready to protect economy from coronavirus impact See in context

Goodbye Olympics!

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

Government cover up.

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

Abe and his cronies are a bunch of crooks and they can't admit fault for screwing something up like this. Hopefully the Japanese public will vote them out of office in the next general election.

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Posted in: China will defeat coronavirus, Xi tells Trump, as doctor's death sparks outcry See in context

This virus will eventually run its course, but it's going to take a lot of people with it before that. China would be best to change their practice of allowing wet markets or at least force businesses to adopt a proper way of housing and slaughtering animals to be sold to the public.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

After this fiasco, I have very little faith in Japan's justice system.

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Posted in: Leia has key role as 'Star Wars' wraps Skywalker saga See in context

Toasted HereticToday  11:55 am JST

Can't wait for this! If it's half as good as the stunning The Last Jedi, it's going to be a classic.

Yeah I enjoyed The Last Jedi for the most part also. Disney's done a decent job with this trilogy considering the disaster the prequels were to the point where something like Episode 1 is unwatchable.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context

Honestly, if she's using it for her own pleasure, then it's her business. If she's selling it to others... that's a whole different topic.

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Posted in: New H&M tagline sparks outcry over gender violence association See in context

Not that I condone any violence towards anyone... but this is just getting ridiculous. I've never heard of this term before. People need to stop reaching for something that isn't there.

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

These guys make more demands than an irate customer at McDonald's.

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Posted in: NRA head digs in against gun control See in context

Ah, the endless gun debate. It always ends up with, "The USA will never learn"... and then there's another shooting.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Stay classy America...

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Posted in: Man who fled from police in Kumamoto over drug search arrested See in context

Japan needs to stop treating these guys like they've murdered 10 people and are on the run for the worst crime in the world. If anything they should be trying to do whatever it is to rehabilitate these guys who are just using stimulants for themselves. Now if the guy was producing and selling... that's another story.

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