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Posted in: Record 87% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward China: survey See in context

Goes both ways. In China, 99% hates both the government and the people of Japan

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Posted in: Company bosses and workers grapple with fallout of speaking up about Israel-Hamas war See in context

The left have been canceling people for years and vehemently defended the practice, just 1 event targeting the left and suddenly they are complaining. Dint dish it out if you cannot take it

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

I can guarantee that 90% of Chinese don't want to kill Japanese. 

Outside the urban elites, the majority of Chinese are extremely nationalistic and militaristic. Just go through any Chinese SNS and read the comments.

Maybe the corporations should call them back if there's such a threat. 

They should if they care about their employees’ safety, especially if their employees are outside the urban elite areas such as Shanghai.

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

Japanese being in China is insane. Why would you want to be in a country where 90% of the population cannot wait to kill you. The younger generation are essentially extremists who are even more brutal than the religious zealots

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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

Ryukyu has to wait for China to liberate them.

See above for the typical Chinese public view. Irregardless of who is in charge of China, China will eventually attack Okinawa, a democratic China would actually have higher likelihood of attacking as it is the popular opinion

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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

The Chinese had never claim Okinawa Isles are Chinese soil, when you have heard of such a nonsense ?

Not the government officially but the majority of the Chinese public does, just go check any Chinese SNS.




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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

Most of China’s population claim the entirety of Okinawa, the government is actually less hardline than the majority population

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Posted in: China's top diplomat urges greater co-operation with Japan, S Korea See in context

China and especially the population sees their neighbors as “small countries” and historical subject states. Therefore it is impossible for any Chinese government to engage with their neighbors on equal terms without facing fierce backlash domestically

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker GaaSyy arrested upon return to Japan See in context

He will be in prison for a very long time, at least 20 years is my guess

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Posted in: Kishida orders ¥3.5 trillion to be set aside for child care See in context

Money is not the issue. The dream of majority of women now is to marry and have kids with hosts or underground idols, but there is a limited supply.

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Posted in: China warns Japan not to join U.S. efforts to contain it See in context

Yes... China is evil! It has long history of invading and colonizing Asian countries!

I suggest you actually read China's history. China did not get so big by being peaceful. When China is strong, they have always expanded historically. China's diplomacy stance at their heights historically have always been subjugate or conquest, and have never allowed a non-tributary state to border it without going to war.

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Posted in: China warns Japan not to join U.S. efforts to contain it See in context

Considering that the majority of the Chinese public are much more hawkish than the government and will fully support a war with Japan, would be dumb to listen to China as war is inevitable when China have so much public demands for it.

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Posted in: Chinese woman's 'purchase' of uninhabited Okinawa island causes stir See in context

The majority of chinese public is a lot more hawkish than the Chinese government and the vast majority believe Okinawa to be inherent Chinese land and very much wants to go to war over it. This type of sales is asking for trouble.

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Posted in: 30-month sentence sought for ex-chairman in Olympic bribery trial See in context

So the people giving the bribes will receive light sentences but the people who receive the bribes will get no punishment???

Also pretty much any deal with government requires bribes, why are they going for this guy? Who did he anger?

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Considering the fact that the Japanese government is an unofficial subsidiary of Dentsu, nothing could ever happen to Dentsu executives.

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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

It should be noted that Japanese police dont need any evidence if they can force a confession, which they almost alway will. Try being interrogated for 16 hours a day, and then forced to sleep in a room without working windows or heating in winter and lights on 24/7 for weeks on end. A significant portion of those in Japanese prison likely never committed any crimes.

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Posted in: Ex-host club worker allegedly forced customer into prostitution See in context

The women likely is still madly in love with the host. There’s no way she reported as most are just willing to do anything for their hosts.

These type of arrangements is actually the norm. The vast majority of prostitutes and av stars, including famous ones, are deeply in debt to host clubs. What they fail to mention is the interest rates, where 10% per month is very common. However, I dont think any ever have any regrets or are unwilling to pay their hosts.

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Posted in: Families moving out of Tokyo to get up to ¥1 mil per child See in context

There’s no jobs or opportunities outside of Tokyo. Outside of Tokyo without a strong family background to land you a position in the family business, career is dead.

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Posted in: Japanese men and women both have same top requirement for a spouse in poll See in context

They left out the #1 requirement for 99% of women: a man with a good bank balance.

Japanese woman does not care about money, only looks. They would do papa-katsu to gave you money if you look good.

May be when they are 35+ they would gave consideration to money, but I have never met anyone below that age that cared. If you dont have a male idol look, besides papa-katsu dont expect to get any matches no matter how much you make.

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Posted in: Are you concerned at China’s growing might in security and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region? See in context

It is not might of its military that is concerning but how nationalistic and war-hungry their public is.

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Posted in: Japan to expand Okinawa-based ground force unit See in context

Why is Japan getting nervous about the China's Taiwan problem? China will not to touch Japanese territory. But in any case, is Japan scared China may, in the confusion,  accidentally retake Senkaku which, is in a situation much like Taiwan's?

China will attack Japan before Taiwan is attacked. War with Japan is extremely popular in the Chinese public, and it is a sure way for any Chinese government to quickly shore up support.

Historically China always seen its neighbors as tribute/subject states with no rights to negotiate with them on equal terms.

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Posted in: Japan's October job availability improves for 10th straight month See in context

Very misleading.

Most big firms with decent paying jobs are restructuring or in a hiring freeze.

If you lose your job now the only jobs that would be available are pretty much minimum wage jobs.

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Posted in: Shanghai hit by COVID protests as anger spreads across China See in context

It doesnt really matter. The middle upper class is the weakest class in all societies. No government will feel threatened by protests that group.

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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats? See in context

Majority of China’s public wants war with Japan, with many supporting nuclear war. Deterrence is essential at least on a government level

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Posted in: Tokyo dept store praised for refusing entry to costumed Halloween revelers See in context

With the number of people participating increasing every year, it is far above the what the area can hold. I don't see how being squeezed for 6-7 hours straight unable to move being any fun. It is just a matter of time before a Seoul like event to occur at this point.

The stores might as well close on Halloween nights and save their employees from being unable to go home as well, no shoppers would be able to shop when it take an hour to move 100 meters.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

So basically everyone getting into trouble except for Dentsu and the Olympic officials receiving the money.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murders of wife, 2 children to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

psychiatric hospitals in Japan is actually the worst possible punishment in Japan. It is almost always a life sentence and you are generally tied up for months or years at a time, never allowed to move and in solitary.

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Posted in: Citing imminent danger Cloudflare drops hate site Kiwi Farms See in context

So for 10 years this guy has spent his life trying to harass people and getting them to kill themselves? WTF seriously.

Isn’t that what twitter woke mob also do? Yet none of them ever gets banned and they exert enormous control over much of western world’s speech.

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Posted in: What happens if China invades Taiwan? If Japan got involved, its own sea lanes would be destroyed. Food imports from the U.S., Australia and the EU would stop. The whole of Japan would lose physical access to imports and it would lead to famine. See in context

Whether or not Japan wants to get involved or not, China will eventually attack or invade Japan, just a matter of time. The population in China is too nationalistic and militaristic to avoid war.

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Posted in: The scope of the official language project, such as whether divisions engaged in overseas businesses should exclusively be covered, and whether Japanese employees will be obligated to communicate with each other in English, is still being considered. See in context

Impossible. They will never be able to hire sufficient business level or above English speakers no matter how much they raise the salary offers. There simply not enough talents in Japan with the language skill. The initiative will undoubtedly fail.

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