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Posted in: Don't shift blame over wartime labour ruling, Tokyo tells S Korea See in context

@Chip Star

Well, after various apologies have been made; different funds set up to support the remaining victims and then abruptly dissolved; and continuingly asking for even more sincere apologies. I think anyone would believe the south koreans are ungrateful and dishonorable.



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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal after court decides against extending detention of Ghosn, Kelly See in context

Some of my wife's relatives believe this is Karma coming back to bite Ghosn.

Some of them lost their jobs at Nissan and at sub-contractors for Nissan when Ghosn was closing factories left, right and center. They bought a house with a loan 5 years before Ghosn came along. He initiated drastic cost-cutting measures everywhere within the company even until he was arrested. BUT he never took a page out of his own book when he flew around the world on a private Nissan paid jet to his holiday homes.

The worst was when he numerously flew to Beirut, the plane wouldn't stay at the airport because of security concerns, so the pilots flew to another country and waited until Ghosn called them to pick him up.

He was a hypocrite to his own cost cutting management policies!

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls on Renault to listen to details of Ghosn allegations See in context

Just read that article about Ghosn on WSJ. Hmm, there are some serious allegations and Ghosn better have all the right answers!!


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Posted in: Ghosn family removes items from his Rio apartment See in context

Anyway, sounds fishy to me why they had to retrieve the stuff from the safes privately.

Maybe, he did have something to hide!!

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Posted in: Human traffic jam on Mt Fuji shows why weekdays are best days to climb See in context

That picture is actually true for Fridays to Sundays and National Holidays on the Yoshida Trail.

I have been up 5 times but I didn't go up this year. As the article suggests, I always go on weekdays and there are hardly any people around and actually it is so peaceful and relaxing. Also, another advantage is being able to take wonderful scenery photos without people being in them.

I actually go up on June 30th( the day before the official opening) and you actually mingle with all the media at the summit getting ready to film "Goraikou" (sunrise from the summit).

As ClippetyClop mentioned, it is actually cleaner on the mountain, people are more aware about taking their garbage with them.

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Posted in: Man on a mission See in context

Looks like Liam spilt something on his shirt, or it's part of the shaggy look.

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Posted in: S Korean president lashes Japan over wartime use of 'comfort women' See in context

Here the South Koreans go again!

Anyway, this was a very interesting article published last month in The Japan Times.

I found it very educational!!


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Posted in: 20-year-old student sent to prosecutors over fatal bike crash See in context

Will be interesting to know what sentence she receives because the victim died.

Compared with the sentence this young boy received and the victim is still in a coma.


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Posted in: Petal power See in context

sensei 258 - We know, we know. Sometimes I'll shake the branches to create a pink snowstorm.

Why would you even do that?

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Posted in: N Korea, Malaysia argue over corpse See in context

Found this interesting fact. Kim Jong Un and his siblings are actually a quarter Japanese. Their mother (Ko Yong Hui) was born in Ikuno ward of Osaka, her mother being Japanese and her father Korean.

Kim Jong Nam being 100% Korean has more legitmacy to be the leader of North Korea. But after his death, there is no competition for Kim Jong Un except now for Kim Jong Nam's sons. Obviously, they are in hiding(protected by China) and so no-one from the family has come to claim the remains.

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Posted in: China says U.S. should 'brush up on' on its South China Sea history See in context

ppff!! Foreign minster Wang, you should read your history!! Even after the 1943 Cairo Declaration and 1945 Potsdam Declaration, China was calling the Senkaku Islands by their Japanese Name.


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Posted in: China tells Japan it opposes unilateral N Korea sanctions See in context

“The situation on the Korean peninsula is complex and sensitive. All sides should work hard together to maintain the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula,” Wu said.

Well, your side is not doing it's fair share is it? Aargh, more garbage from the CCP.

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Posted in: Right now is best time to go to Japan’s 'castle in the sky' See in context


Well, I will disagree with you. It was a fantastic place to visit. I went there the first time last year in early March. The place was covered in snow and the view from the top of the ruins was amazing. If you get there early enough, there will be no other footprints but your own. I went again this spring and it was beautiful with the cherry blossoms. It does take some time to get there, from Osaka, it was just under 3 hours. Then it is about a 40 minute hike from the station. Highly recommended!!

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Posted in: Jackie Chan reflects on 50-year career and honorary Oscar See in context

Loved him as a kid, drove only Mitsubishis like him in the movies and ate chewing gum off the walls like him too. He often came to Japan to promote his movies and I enjoyed watching his commercials made here too.

He then went to Hollywood, the movies went bad and never got better.

Then he delved into politics and became a puppet of the Chinese government and said some very stupid and outrageous things that upset many people. Such as "The air quality in Beijing isn't that bad", "With too much freedom in Hong Kong, it will be a mess", "I believe we Chinese people in Hong Kong need to be controlled".

A lot of my Chinese friends and I don't have the time for him now.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe flips burgers in contest inspired by U.S. election See in context

Come on JT, where are the pics??

Oh well,... http://isuta.jp/101292/

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Posted in: Southeast Asia nations give watered-down rebuke to China See in context

Well, the whole world now knows that ASEAN has no power against China and that even one member of ASEAN can veto any proposal that may have the majority vote. It's now time for Vietnam, Malaysia or Brunei to also file their case with the International Tribunal if they want anything to be done. The ruling will most likely go there way and they would also get more support internationally.

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Posted in: China says it is closing off part of South China Sea for military exercises See in context

All they need now is for Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei to also file their grievances to the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration. It would anger China but also show international opinion!!!

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Posted in: 2 brothers killed after jet ski collides with boat on Gifu river See in context

The owner of the jet ski should also be charged for negligence. My feelings go out to the family of the poor boys.

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