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Dear Taiwan,

It is not better to vote for china! You know what you will be missing if you join china, Freedom to speak, Freedom to vote, Freedom to criticize! You are Taiwanese !! That's right according to a research poll!

You may be nervous at times because of the bully across the strait, but the whole neighborhood has the same feeling and so most of us are on your side. Please do not join china because you won't be happy! Do not listen to the false statements from the CCP and their 50 cent warriors on this website!

Go out and vote, defend your democracy and your way of life! Long Live Freedom!!

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If you want to twist one wrong fact, that's fine.

The Japanese have been going to Yasukuni since the late 19th century. You wrongly assume that everyone in Japan goes there just to honor those that were convicted in the Tokyo Trial.

Every country has war memorials, the main purpose is to remember those that we have lost.

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@ awa no Gaijin and stephen chin

The truth is that Taiwan was a independent free republic nation before Japan colonized it for 50 years and ended its sovereignty.

Why should Taiwan trouble Japan? Does Japan want to colonize Formosa again?

You guys live so in the past. That all happened over 70 years ago.

I often meet my Taiwanese colleagues and I having been raised in the West, asked them about Taiwan's colonization openly over dinner one night. There were some negative aspects as with all forms of colonization but they said that living standards, education, population, infrastructure and standard of living improved greatly. They ended the night saying "The past is the past!!"

Japan has a great relationship with Taiwan, and when my Japanese colleagues and I go to Taiwan for business, there is no animosity towards them about the past.

Taiwan is a free independent country and they certainly don't want to be under the control of the CCP .

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It’s a trap. Ukraine bombed and serverly damaged the dam

Comprehension: Ukraine didn't bomb the bridge, the russians did!!

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Posted in: Ukrainian troops met with joy in Kherson as Russia abandons biggest prize See in context


ukraine is not the smartest at understanding.

I think it's you who is not the smartest by posting Fake News. The bridge was damaged by your russian brothers fleeing to get home.

You should always add your source!! But, most of us know that you are a troll, Rodney, Bronco, Yrral or whatever your name is!!


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Your comment is full of holes.

Solitary confinement? ... deprived of contact with his family? The courts trusted Ghosn and allowed him to live in an apartment where his wife and children came to visit him. He was even able to walk to a hotel 1km away to plan his escape.

The Humanitarian Crime is that Ghosn is living like a fat cat while 80% of Lebanon's population is classified as poor.

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Can't believe some people still think that Ghosn is innocent. If he really wanted to prove his innocence he would face the charges that are against him in Japan and in France. He would man up like Greg Kelly. But, as Ghosn's actions show by running away to Lebanon, he has done a lot of questionable things with Nissan's and Renault's money.

The Taylors and the flight crew got what they deserved.

Watched the docu on Netflix about Ghosn, 3.5 out of 5, but shed more light on Ghosn's case.

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Hmmmmm.... Why do they need to listen. what business is it of theirs?

Hmmm, maybe you should read the article again before waffling!!

They need to stay neutral and independent.

That's not how china plays when it makes side deals to persuade Pacific Island countries to not recognize the independence of Taiwan.

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Taiwan has never been a part of the CCP.

It is an independent country that can make it's own decisions!!

As mentioned above, the provoker is China.

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Let's not forget that a lot of Chinese are the descendants of Mongols and other minority groups!!

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Early Jackie Chan movies in the 80s and 90s were good and entertaining to watch. Now, unfortunately JC just makes propaganda movies for the CCP. (Yawn, Will pass on this movie!!)

The PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) needs all the good publicity it can get, especially with all the maritime and territorial disputes it has with many Asian countries. Also, with it's contest with the US and other countries in the Asia Pacific area.

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Posted in: Man being chased by police jumps from elevated bridge at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station See in context

Here's the video!


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Posted in: S Korean fishermen sue Japanese gov't over Fukushima water See in context

Interesting article❗️


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Posted in: New Zealand Maori leader ejected from parliament for not wearing tie See in context

It has been announced that ties are now optional.

Shows how progressive this current government is!!!


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@ Akie

"Rejected peace ? What is Suga doing ?"

China does not understand the word "Peace".


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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

There is more about Satomi-chan.


From several years ago.


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"This can only seriously undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and bring down a terrible disaster on the Taiwanese people."

The only one undermining peace and stability and bringing aggression into the area is china!!

"Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line;"


Taiwan has never been under the control of the CCP, so it is not chinese territory!!

Taiwan is an independent country!!!

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"will always put Americans first and that includes very, very importantly, Black Americans."

"doesn't know Black Americans like I do."

I don't know how Trump can say these things with a straight face. He knows he's lying and everyone knows he's lying!!

Now he's offering promises that we know he won't keep!!

Trump’s False Claim That ‘Nobody Has Ever Done’ More for the Black Community Than He Has


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I think the overreaction is coming from you.

Kids still can go to school.

People can still go to work.

Limit gatherings up to 10 people in Auckland. Up to 100 in other cities.

Wear a mask on public transportation.

It all seems reasonable during these tough times of COVID-19. Better to be safe than sorry.

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"Benny the Demon" (Nickname given by Hong Kong people)

No, the nickname is used by CCP sympathizers such as yourself.

Don't insinuate that Hong Kongers call him this. Benny Tai is a well respected academic in Hong Kong who has spend nearly 30 years with the University of Hong Kong.

He has mentioned that he doesn't blame the university for his firing, but that authorities above the university have pushed for the decision. And we all know who that authority is!!!

Ganbare Hong Kongers!!

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Posted in: Japan protests China's seabed names related to disputed islands See in context

@ Steve Anderson ( or actually my highly educated chinese friend)

Good try Steve !! But I won't play this ping pong game of words with a mouthpiece of the CCP.

US of terror - You wrote this 4 times, you must hate the USA.

Terrorists of Hong Kong - No one in the media uses this term except the CCP.

left out the part where China attacked and occurred, brutally, Japan. - Maybe you were too angry to notice your mistake.

Australia is the yapping lapdog of the US of Terror. - Wow, all this rude name calling!! You are an angry person. It's very Wolf Warrior Diplomacy-like!!!!

Here is a link to related to this topic. Please take special note of the last 2 lines of the article!!!


Thanks for your time!!!

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It is unwise for you to say anything as most of what you write doesn't make any sense!!

You fail to recognize that your own country, the middle kingdom, is disrupting peaceful harmony globally with its aggressive, selfish and unfair behavior in many places around the world.

Shall I point out a few?

Trade relations with the US

Trade and racism relations with Australia

Bullying of Taiwan

South China Sea disputes with Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and more countries

Broken promises to the people of Hong Kong

Territorial claims with India

Territorial claims with Japan

Trade disputes with the EU

Discrimination of Africans in Southern China

and more. . . .

You can search online about any of the listed topics through a variety of international media outlets except the notorious Global Times.

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@ kurisupisu

Well, you are free to believe that so many are unemployed! But as the article suggests:

Prospects of a prolonged crisis have encouraged Japanese consumers to buy and make reusable, washable versions.

@ drlucifer

Initially, Yanai wasn't interested in jumping on the bandwagon to make masks. But because of repeated calls by consumers to make the masks using the same materials as the effective AIRism products, any company president isn't going to ignore the requests of his consumers who praises his products is he.

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My wife, her 2 friends and I arrived in front of the store in Tennoji at 9:15am, there were already about 300 people there waiting. At bang on 10am, the shopping center doors opened and everyone marched in an orderly line to the mask collection counters. We were limited to one packet of 3 masks per size (S, M. L), so we got one of each, marched to the self check out counters and were done by 10:12am. When we left the store, it was surprising to see the waiting line of at least 500 people continuing outside the shopping center.

The masks are a good fit around the face and feel comfortable so far, will have a better verdict at the end of the day.

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@Samit Basu

Doesn't matter, they were Japan-based reporters who wrote down the factual misrepresentation by Japanese foreign ministry.

So, your report from a Korean Government sponsored TV broadcast is more accurate than news reports from several international agencies (Reuters, Bloomberg and even the WTO website). Yeah,... right. Sounds like a page from the CCP.

Let me ask you this question. Japan took Korea to WTO to have the anti-dumping tariff on pneumatic valves overturned. The anti-dumping tariff stands as the result of WTO ruling. So who do you think won here?

Korea hasn't won, it has admitted that it still won't change it's policy even after the WTO ruling. 15 months after the ruling which will be near the end of 2020, Japan has the right to bring Korea once again to the WTO for non-compliance to the ruling and take retaliatory measures.

Good luck!!!

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@ Samit Basu

"That article you linked isn't international.

Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay and Makiko Yamazaki in Tokyo

*In other word, Japan-based reporters reported simply reported what Japanese government claimed, which was factually incorrect. Japan sought to overturn the anti-dumping tariff and the *WTO validated Korea's anti-dumping tariff, hence Japan lost the WTO case."

What are you mumbling about??

Yes, Japan based reporters working for Rueters which is an international news agency based in the UK.


"Japan has never won a WTO case against Korea to date, its 0:7 so far. Make this 0:8."

Your reporting is full of holes, if you read the article and searched for any other articles from other international news agencies apart from Japan based or Korean based agencies, you would have noticed this immediately!!

Anyway, please do some research before you comment!! Saves everyone time reading FN!!!

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@ Samit Basu

"Heathcare workers are honored and celebrated as heroes everywhere around the world except for Japan.

Here in the US, healthcare workers get free Starbucks, free oil change, free hotel stays, etc.

What's wrong with Japan, Japanese should be thanking them instead."

Again Fake news from samit!!


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@Samit Basu

Instead of a korean news broadcast financially supported by the korean goverment, how about something international?


Also, I think there is a message from Peeping Tom for you!

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Posted in: Pompeo says G7 agrees China spreading virus disinformation See in context


This might interest you too!!


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Posted in: Pompeo says G7 agrees China spreading virus disinformation See in context

@Akie "Really, which official, what did he say ? would you please tell us exactly his tweet ?"

Back to your sly and devious ways again Akie!!

Here you are, enjoy!!! Source? I'm sure you can find it!!!!

Lijian Zhao 赵立坚 @zlj517

“It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”

( Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesman, said in a tweet.)

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