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Posted in: U.S. pushing Netherlands, Japan to restrict more chipmaking equipment to China, source says See in context

Instead of trying to contain China how about finding ways to live along side each other in PEACE and Harmony and do all we can to avoid a conflict with each other.

Pres. Reagan once said Peace through Strength, and we can all agree on that and our strength also comes from Respecting one another and working together towards common goals that will benefit our people as well as others.

I'm sure the Philippines and several other countries will disagree with what you have written!!

Peace and Harmony is not in China's interest when it comes to territory or technology. You are keeping up with the latest news, aren't you?

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Posted in: Spent fuel cooling halts for 10 hours at wrecked Fukushima plant See in context

To the armchair critics,

There was no cover-up, the incident was reported to the media on the same day.

The decommissioning of the power plant is a complex procedure and those working there are doing their best with new and experimental technology.

Take a chill pill!!

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

I visited Seoul last January with a Korean colleague and we found that I was always charged more when I spoke in English first while shopping at markets and eating out at outdoor restaurants. My colleague mentioned that it was common problem not only for foreigners but for the locals too.


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Posted in: New China rules allow detention of foreigners in South China Sea See in context

China has defended its new coast guard rules. A foreign ministry spokesman said last month that they were intended to "better uphold order at sea".

Ha ha ha!!

China is the biggest opposer of ORDER at sea!!

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Posted in: Japan boosting seafood exports to Southeast Asia, U.S. as China keeps ban See in context

What Nomura said was a slip of the tongue, he apologized the same day in the evening.

The expression "Contaminated Water" is used only by Japan to describe the water before it undergoes treatment to eliminate most radioactive materials. After ALPS treatment, the water is called ‘‘treated water” by Japan and other international organizations.

Time will tell: Those people who eaten these fisheries, good health and good luck !

I think people in China should be more worried about the food in their own country.


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Posted in: Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering Japan See in context

The CCP government really doesn't have any shame!!

With all the negativity it produces recently with other countries, it just builds more hatred and distrust against the Chinese.

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Posted in: Chinese man suspected of spray-painting word 'toilet' at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

This is only going to promote the negative image of the Chinese. It's always the brainwashed nationalistic nutters that make these videos to increase their subscribers.

It's a shame because I know a lot Chinese people who have made Japan their home and are wonderful people.

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief refocuses attention on China security risks See in context

@mr kipling

And there is no bigger bully than the US.

If you ask the countries in the South China Seas who the bully is? The overwhelming majority will say it's the middle kingdom!!

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief refocuses attention on China security risks See in context


Should name the person's rank and name properly if you are into a sincere and respectful dialog with your counterpart.This is basic manner.

It is quite common to use the word "counterpart", and it is not disrespectful in any way. The expression is widely accepted in the media.

Your patriotism is blinding your sensibility!! You are only nit-picking!!

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Posted in: 1,300-year-old Kyoto shrine changes bell policy following altercation with foreign tourists See in context

More details have appeared about this guide who apparently was running his business illegally.

This is a video commentary from a Frenchman who explains his own discovery of the whole episode and how disgusted he is with behavior of the guide.


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Posted in: 1,300-year-old Kyoto shrine changes bell policy following altercation with foreign tourists See in context

@ DanteKH

Found an extended version of the video.

We can now see the other foreign lady's face as she explains to the guide that they should have apologized first for their actions. The guide explains they already had.

The guide then explains to the lady filming that he will contact the police next and asks the video footage to be deleted and then really impolitely asks for her name.

She repeats how he rudely asked for her name.

He curses again in Japanese for her to shut up and walks away!!

It wasn't harassment from the Japanese lady but the bad arrogant behavior of some unwelcome tourists!


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Posted in: 1,300-year-old Kyoto shrine changes bell policy following altercation with foreign tourists See in context

Watched the video and read the Japanese lady's blog.

She was filming the tourists because of their bad behaviour, she confronted them and told them it was unacceptable to ring the bell aggressively by each one of them and laugh about it. An older lady of the group apologized that she rung the bell too loudly.

The so-called foreign guide was arrogant and pretended that he couldn't speak Japanese and asked the lady if she spoke English. Clumsily, he reveals that he has lived in Japan for 8 years and is married to a Japanese person.

He calls the lady rude, in return she says,

"Rude? OMAE! (You! Used mainly by men)

In reply, the guide suddenly shows that he can curse quite well in Japanese as he shows his true colors.

He then pretends to not know what is going on and talks to a foreign woman (out of screen) who explains that the complaint is that his group was disrespectful at the shrine. He dismisses the idea and walks away ignoring the facts explained to him.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be foreigners who give us all a bad name, I hope this idiot is made to feel ashamed of his behavior.

It is a shame as many wonderful places around Japan will make changes due to the actions of a few rotten apples.

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Posted in: Shrine honors cats at Japan island where they outnumber humans See in context

This story reminds me of when I went cycling along the Shimanami kaido (between Honshu and Shikoku), I took a detour and went to a rabbit island called Okunoshima. There were rabbits everywhere and when I shook my plastic bag full of trail mix, they all hop towards me, it was surely memorable.

The history of the island was a surprise, it used to produce poison gas decades back

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Posted in: Trump says Putin will free jailed U.S. reporter Gershkovich for him See in context

Does Trump ever listen to what he says?

He suffers so badly from foot in mouth!!

And his supporters, blindly follow whatever he says. I truly feel sorry for the Americans if Trump is ever back in the White House.

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Posted in: China, Japan to discuss resuming ruling party talks after 6-year hiatus See in context

The meeting will be a waste of time.

The CCP is a two-faced dragon, it's says one thing but does the opposite.

strained by issues including Tokyo's concerns about China's maritime activities in the East and South China Seas, and Beijing's protests against Japan's release of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean.

China will never stop their bullying behavior in the South China Seas.

China will continue to promote the fake narrative concerning Fukushima.

China will continue to bully economically other countries.

China will continue to hold foreigners on fake charges of spying.

China is losing international credibility everyday.

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Posted in: U.S. to have official in Tokyo dedicated to monitoring China See in context

Remember, China brought this all on itself.

If you want respect in the international community, you have to earn respect from other countries instead of playing economic bullying games and infringing on the territories of neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Japan begins 6th release of Fukushima treated radioactive water See in context

China and Russia, which oppose the water release due to safety concerns, have banned Japanese seafood imports in response to the discharges.

More hypocrisy from these two countries, they still send their fishing boats to fish near Japan and then allow distribution of their catches in their own countries. How stupid do you think the world is?

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan visits southern islands at forefront of China tension See in context


No problem, You've been monitored on your left, on your right, below and look up and wave, Japan is there too!!

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan visits southern islands at forefront of China tension See in context


Curry cooked in the Japanese Defense Forces is legendary especially in the MSDF.

Every Friday curry is served to all the personnel, Emanuel visits on a Friday. Guess what's for lunch?

Keep up the good work Ambassador!!

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Posted in: Taiwan leaders affirm friendship with Japan ruling party lawmakers See in context

Not only that but he helped to end martial law in Taiwan and pushed for democracy for Taiwan and completed Taiwan's transition. He was nicknamed " Mr Democracy".

Ooh, that's gotta hurt!!!

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Posted in: Philippines accuses China of damaging its vessel at hotly contested shoal See in context


Are you serious?

The Philippines is doing the right thing. They are publicizing the bullying tactics of the CCP. The world is taking notice that China is not behaving like a respectable member of the international community.

The Philippines are being extraordinary patient by not showing any aggression towards the intruders in their own Exclusive Economic Zone.

My dear comrade, Why don't you get tired of China always claiming to expel everyone from territory (large parts of the South China Seas, Sengaku Islands, borders of India and Bhutan) that isn't theirs?

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Posted in: Philippines accuses China of damaging its vessel at hotly contested shoal See in context

Yes, more bad behavior and lies from the CCP bully.

The world is waking up to the two-faced economic giant and gradually taking action. Countries are working together to be less economically dependent on China.

In the near future, China will be begging again for overseas investment and assistance.


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Posted in: China coast guard confronts Japanese politicians in disputed East China Sea area See in context

China has no shame!!

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Posted in: Man arrested over male Japanese body parts found in Thailand See in context

The Japanese are all Yakuza members. Two of them shot and then dismembered the victim.


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Posted in: Families of late 'comfort women' sue Japanese gov't; 1st case in China See in context

The Japanese government is embarking on a campaign to increase military spending and recruitment in all sectors.

Timely reminders of war atrocities are necessary to focus attention on what May yet repeat!


The world knows that China is more of a threat. Increase in military spending is focused on defensive purposes.

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Posted in: Chinese professor of Japanese university missing in China since Feb 2023 See in context

Usual systematic behavior by the Chinese government.

Most of the academia will be arrested over very vague national security laws.

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Posted in: Chinese media call Japan 'two-faced' for seeking closer ties while warning of China threat See in context

Usual CCP propaganda!!

Simply ignore it.

Which country claims to be peaceful but militirizes the South China Seas?

Two- faced?? Time to look in the mirror China!!

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japanese diplomat over disputed islands See in context

A friendly reminder that Japan has territorial disputes with all surrounding nations and even Taiwan.

A reminder that China has territorial disputes with Bhutan, India, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl falls to her death from balcony of high-rise apartment in Hiroshima See in context

what? safety netting? It's not a construction site.

And if in China, safety nets advertise the building has a high risk of suicides. That's sure going to get people rushing to live there!!

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Posted in: South Korea marks 10th anniversary of ferry disaster See in context

Opposition leader Lee Jae-myung slammed what he described as government failures leading to loss of life.

"South Korea had to change after the Sewol ferry disaster. Unfortunately, a society of 'every man for himself' re-emerged, leading to the loss of precious lives in Itaewon... and the (late) marine," Lee said.

This is rich coming from Lee Jae-myung who has a never-ending greed for power!! He should be looking at himself in the mirror!!1

The reversal of fortune owes largely to DP leader Lee Jae-myung’s self-indulgence. Lee, who came to the helm of a supermajority party with 180 seats, broke up the party and lost the public’s trust due to his blind greed for presidency.


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