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Posted in: Figure skaters let their hair down at gala exhibition event See in context

Is anyone else bothered by the description of Alina's gala skate as being "sultry?" Yes, she has done a similar routine before, but she is only 15. She's not the only skater that has done seemingly age inappropriate routines.

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Posted in: Figure skaters let their hair down at gala exhibition event See in context

Great performance as usual by Yuzuru. Many seem fixated by his shirt, he does tend to wear those flashy shirts that seem more at home on a female figure skater.

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Posted in: Severed human head found in Osaka in missing woman probe See in context

Sick and scary, you just never know who you will end up with.

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Posted in: IOC recommends upholding ban of Russia through Winter Games See in context

I'm glad they allowed OAR though, we got to witness an incredible women's figure skating competition.

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Posted in: Speedskater Takagi surges to mass start gold See in context

Good for her!

Ignore the usual naysayers, winning a gold medal is exciting.

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Posted in: China orders 2 men detained for posing in Japanese army uniforms See in context

Many Chinese also believe Japan has never showed sincere contrition for the conflict, in which an estimated 15 million to 20 million Chinese were killed.

Blame the Chinese government as well as the mainstream media for perpetuating this revisionist nonsense that Japan has 'never' shown sincere contrition.

Prime Minister Koizumi personally visited the site of the Marco Polo bridge and offered his apologies in the early 2000's, a fact which many Chinese media outlets highlighted. This was just one of several such apologies.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting at de facto N Korean embassy in Tokyo See in context

The above gives context to how many people in Japan and the USA feel about North Korea. I guess someone taking a shot at the North Korean embassy is somewhat understandable.

Agree. I don't condone the shootings but what can you expect when an organization that supports a North Korean regime that preaches hatred of all things Japanese is allowed to openly exist.

Do we fault South Koreans when they torch or try to destroy Japanese embassies?

I'm sure the world media will run away with this news as another 'example' of Japanese xenophobia and racism, but of course taken out of context as these two targeted a North Korean embassy and not South Korea's.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting at de facto N Korean embassy in Tokyo See in context

Despicable and cowardly attack.

But it still amazes me how these pro North Korean groups, schools, and organizations are openly allowed to thrive in Japan. Organizations that worship the Kim leaders and toe the NK party line (which includes hatred for all things Japan).

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Posted in: Russians get 1st gold thanks to 15-year-old Zagitova See in context

Some incredible skating by the final group of ladies without a doubt.

The Canadian Kaetlyn was fabulous, and I was really impressed by Satoko and her fourth place finish.

But the two Russian ladies were head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

Evgenia had a beautiful routine and she put her heart and soul into it, and for sure she would have deserved the gold if Alina were not competing. But the right girl won, and Alina deserved the gold.

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Posted in: Japan highlights claim to islets disputed by S Korea See in context

Sheesh, the never ending drama over these islands.

It's Japan's islands, not South Korea's.

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Posted in: Hanyu hints he may not defend world title See in context

While I and many others would wish he would, his long term health is more important at this point.

What made his Olympic gold performances even more amazing is that his ankle was not fully healthy. He didn't even start serious skating until a month before the Games, and didn't even practice quads until two weeks prior. He had to take painkillers just to compete, which is concerning as he is still taking painkillers in order to skate at the gala this Sunday.

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Posted in: S Koreans call for skaters to be booted from games See in context

I applaud those South Koreans who took offense at the boorish behavior of those two and signed the petition.

Team sports is all about the team. You win AND you lose as a team. There was absolutely no reason to humiliate and throw that poor skater under the bus, I don't care what nationality.

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Posted in: Students plan protests, Washington march to demand gun control after school shooting See in context

What nonsense.

Young people these days would use any excuse to cut classes.

March on your own free time, not during school hours.

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

Good for the WTO.

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Posted in: U.S. beat Canada in shootout to win women's ice hockey gold See in context

Good job, but too much fixation on how many gold medals the US wins. What about the other hockey teams from other countries?

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

One thing about this Trump guy, better watch your back you can never trust him as a 'friend.'

Barriers or not, American cars will never rid that stigma of being of inferior quality to cars from Europe, Japan, etc. The American auto industry had plenty of opportunities to make quality cars back in the 80's and 90's.

Too little too late

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to attend Winter Olympics finale in S Korea See in context

Trump's 'advisor?'

What a farce, worse than that Kim Jong impersonator.

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Posted in: Japan dethrone Dutch to win gold in women's team pursuit See in context

I don't like how the Japanese TV covers the Olympics. They only broadcast sports were a Japanese is taking part or winning, not showing anything else. I understand that this is the Japanese TV, but they barely show what other contestants did or where they came from, it's only about the Japanese "heroes".

Nothing wrong with that. It is hardly unique to Japan. If you want full coverage of every athlete, then live stream the events from the NBC Olympics streaming site.

Congratulations to the Japanese skaters!

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Posted in: Zagitova sets new world record: Medvedeva close behind in women's singles figure skating See in context

The two Russians Evgenia and Alina are so far above the other skaters in terms of talent and presence, it isn't even close. In order to get to that level, you have to start young with very talented skaters and then train them with crazy intensity. There are some that say skaters like Alina lost their childhood due to the demanding training involved, 7-8 hours a day. That's what it takes though. Other skaters around the world don't have that kind of training regimes so they will never be on the level of the Russian skaters.

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Posted in: Japan pro-whaling documentary wins award at London film festival See in context

It's Japan's culture and right to do as it wishes.

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Posted in: 7 women caught smuggling gold from S Korea concealed in their bodies See in context

Smelly situation

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan celebrate skaters' friendship See in context

Indeed their friendship and rivalry are a shining example of the best sports can be. When Nao hugged and comforted Lee, it was genuine because they truly respect and admire each other as athletes and as friends.

The story of Lee and Nao is far better than that of Mao and Yuna. When Mao gave a subpar skating performance in Vancouver 2010, and did not get the gold medal, she was almost inconsolable. Yuna Kim destroyed the entire skating field and in particular it seemed like she almost reveled in her humiliation of Mao (their rivalry was no doubt made far worse by the ultra nationalist haters on both sides, a nastiness that still exists today). There was no comforting of Mao or the like by Yuna, a coolly attitude towards her rival.

Contrast that to what happened with Lee and Nao. They were friends on and off the ice for years, a genuine friendship, respect, and admiration for each other that goes far beyond a world media that continually likes to hype how much South Koreans and Japanese hate each other. One western media outlet a few days ago put out an extravagant fluff piece about how Lee and Nao had the weight of their country's hopes on their shoulders, and trying to hype up the "lingering bitter resentment" between Japan and Korea, and by default, Nao and Lee, as if this was going to be some hostile competition. It's almost like the world media wants there to be so much drama and hate. The article, of course, conveniently left out the fact that Nao and Lee shared a long friendship.

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Posted in: Kodaira pays emotional tribute to late friend after gold medal win See in context

She embraced the South Korean silver medalist who was in tears after the race as they circled the ice.

A true moment of what the Olympics are all about.

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Posted in: Hanyu wins men's figure skating gold; silver for Uno See in context

“Watch it again. He totally ignored Uno.“

I dobt need to watch watch it again. I know which is Uno and which is Hanyu, and I saw them hugging and congratulating each other. I also saw them doing the interview rounds together after the medal ceremony and Hanyu certainly wasn’t ignoring Uno then either.

Yuzuru also invited both to join with him on the medal stand.

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Posted in: Hanyu wins men's figure skating gold; silver for Uno See in context

Congratulations to Yuzuru, an amazing achievement, especially considering he only was able to seriously train for a month prior to these games due to his injury.

However, I do think his fellow countryman Uno had the superior free skate performance. If it wasn't for that botched opening jump, who knows.

In terms of greatest figure skater of all time, he certainly has rights to that. But no doubt people from other countries will disagree.

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Posted in: IOC to facilitate N Korea's participation in 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Sure, why not?

It's not like there isn't any North Korean presence in Japan.

There are schools and even universities in Japan dedicated to the promotion of North Korean ideals and culture (seriously).

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Posted in: Defending champ Hanyu leads; Uno 3rd after men's short program See in context

Yuzuru is on another level and the scores don't accurately reflect how great he was over the competition yesterday. The long program will be added pressure for Yuzuru though, as he stumbled a few times in Sochi for the long after setting a world record in the short (but still won the gold medal).

Best of wishes to a once in a lifetime skater/athlete.

I did like the Spaniard Fernandez a lot also.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

I don't see an issue with this. Not long ago people would have immediately condemned all Japanese with such news of restrictive immigration. However, in light of how the world has seen how destructive rampant, feel good immigration/asylum has been, particularly for several European nations, the Japanese government can't be faulted.

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Posted in: NBC boots analyst over Japan comment at Pyeongchang Games See in context

I commend most of the above commentators.

Indeed, the South Korean government does in fact owe much of their economic development and success to Japan's technical know how. Not only from the initial use of Japanese technology in South Korean industries, but also the building of infrastructure due to the billions of dollars it received from Japan as compensation for Japan's actions in colonizing Korea (during the mid 1960's). This isn't revisionist history, it's fact.

I agree that perhaps the announcer could have phrased it better. When I first read it, what he said struck me as something that could definitely be twisted and construed to be pro-Japan in a bad way. But the gist of what he said is correct, and has nothing to do with painting Japan's WW2 and colonial actions in a good light. Certainly Japan's past wartime aggression was terrible and should never be forgotten, but that's not what this incident was about.

Of course the rest of the world media and the anti-Japanese crowd were quick to pounce on this incident, and taking it beyond the NBC announcer's statements, and once again attacking all Japanese citizens who had nothing to do with what this announcer said. I wouldn't doubt that we'll see some nationalists thumbs down posts like these that are contrary to their viewpoints that all things Japanese are evil.

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

Not surprised he was from the U.S.

A lot of intolerance and bad attitudes in that country lately, exacerbated by politics.

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