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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

It is 'tagging' and it is rubbish in Australia and it is rubbish here. Keep him locked up as long as Japanese law allows, then charge him and teach him a lesson, because sadly Australian laws are letting twits like him get away with it.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist dies climbing Australia's Uluru monolith See in context

If only we could read what this man actually died of.

A sudden, hard stop.

If people are thinking step and handrails, don't. Posts with chains to hang onto and pull yourself up a steep, smooth rock face. The sooner they close it the better. It has been disrespected in all manner of ways. It is sacred land to the local Indigenous people and needs respecting. How would you like it if someone crawled up the side of a cathedral or roller bladed around a mosque or banged on the drums in a Shinto shrine?

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Posted in: Japan researchers develop what could become world's 1st wood liquor See in context


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Posted in: Canadian man goes to court alleging paternity harassment See in context

For older men in Japan, their responsibility toward their children covers making them, financing them and berating them. All the rest is the mother's responsibility. It is changing, slowly, but we (non-Japanese and more liberal minded Japanese) will need to realise "We're not in Kansas anymore" even though Toto is in Japan. Good luck to this guy. He may 'win' but he will never get 'satisfaction'.

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Posted in: 'Pregnancy rotas' add to working women's woes in Japan See in context

@since1981 I have been here a year shy of you and we (my wife is Japanese) had three kids in that time. We put all our kids a very grassroots daycare and we lucky enough to meet two very like-minded Japanese families at the 'park debut'. All have three kids, all nine kids are still friends and we did help each other out at times (and still do). It very much depends on the ideas of obligations and responsibility held by the families. You know that it is never as simple as asking for most families here. I would say though that grandparents offer there time less that I would have expected.

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Posted in: Daughter of Japanese idol and former SMAP star Takuya Kimura makes her modeling debut in Japan See in context

I already feel sorry for her. She will not only have to deal with some of the usual modelling world stuff (maybe not the managers and agencies etc. as they would not dare try to exploit her, but the sniping and jealous from many in the business), but also the extra burden of having exceptionally famous parents. Grew up in one bubble and now enters another one. Another exotic animal to gawk at for most people. But, maybe she is used to it.

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Posted in: Trump considers benching Giuliani from doing TV interviews See in context

two people familiar with the president's thinking 

Wow! That must be a fun job.

Does Trump think before he hires guys like RG?

Perhaps I should one of those two people.

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Posted in: Japanese actress accuses director; starts #MeToo group See in context

If #MeToo takes hold here it could end up in tearful and heartfelt resignations of 25-30% of male officials in every sector. The private hospitals will be jam-packed with politicians and captains of industry.

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Posted in: Trump warns countries who don't back North American bid for 2026 World Cup See in context

With FIFA Trump finally has a bunch of hoods on the same wavelength. But does Baby-Man even know what this World Cup is about? It's like a five year old trying to get all the toys, even the ones he doesn't want.

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Posted in: Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card See in context

I wish a kid like this onto all those who think he is 'cool' or a 'legend'. Yeah, very funny. It's not a movie or video game. Can you imagine how the parents felt? (Not talking about the money).) And the kid could have gotten into serious trouble in Bali, the beer plus scooter aside. I feel for them, even if they created this kid.

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Posted in: Go your own way: Fleetwood Mac will not tour with Lindsey Buckingham See in context

Lindsay is a loss. Neil Finn is a HUGE gain!

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Posted in: U.N. warns against executing Aum cult members seeking retrial See in context

Not sure what the basis of their claim to a re-trial is, except to continue to draw more undeserved breath, but as someone who was here when it happened, I do know they murdered in calculated, cold blood, the Sakamoto family, Kariya, those they tested sarin on in Matsumoto, and they had hope to killed untold numbers in the train attacks. Every tax yen spent of these people, repentant or not, is a waste. Move them on.

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Posted in: Man gets 9-years for holding girl captive for 2 years See in context

Seriously??? 15 years for each year at least!

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Posted in: Native speakers in demand as Japanese schools step up English lessons See in context

Another ticking bomb Monkasho has set under a generation of students and teachers. As with the yutori kyoiku debacle the only winners will be the jukus who take up (dubiously) the slack and pick up the pieces. (Parent and teacher of 30+ years in Japan)

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Posted in: Japanese idol group bans all gifts from fans to teen singers to help protect their values See in context

Kojin goes on to express another concern: the effects such pricey presents can have on the mental development of Batten Showjo-tai’s members, who range in age from 14 to 18 years old.

“We are also concerned that if idols, who are girls in their teens, receive expensive gifts from fans, there is the possibility that it will warp their mental and societal values

Yes, of course! And after a career as a Japanese teen idol I am sure most the girls (and the boys) are well-prepared for a normal life as a nobody with mental and societal values in tact. Just wonder about the mental and societal values that got them there in the first place. Not warped at all!

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Posted in: Olympic champ Icho allegedly harassed by wrestling director See in context

As someone who has been harassed by a Japanese colleague (female) there are many many ways - subtle, indirect and often comical - that people can use the system at hand to do so and not even think that it is harassment. I have no doubt that this Sakae joker harassed Icho in what is now recognised as such, but I also have no doubt that he is clueless that it is harassment. Some people just no no get it. Just as many posters think harassment is only sexual. It is almost 'restraint of trade' but I don't know if that legal concept exists here. Love how Icho just kept winning and winning and winning...

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Posted in: Sea of yellow See in context

Christine: The 'rape' in 'rapeseed' is from Latin in which 'rapum' means 'turnip'. Sure, the word has very negative connotations and there are other names, e.g. charlock, and rapeseed is in the mustard/cabbage family, not turnip. But if we are to going rifling through the dictionary for such things, do we have to go through the phone book, call up every family named Raper, and tell them they are badly named and use something else? Remember the lower-level US official who got hauled through the coals and lost his job for using (correctly) the word 'niggardly'? Sometimes we do go too far.

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Posted in: Tourist driving go-kart arrested over hit-and-run See in context

How many points is a cyclist worth again? It used to be 50... But seriously, can we get gigantic plastic hammers installed at the Hachiko intersection in Shibuya for these mobile morons and the selfie/videoing tourist hordes?

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

Just clone Charlton Heston and have one prowling the corridors in every American school. Trump's grasp of the issue is about the same as every issue he confronts: that of a sheltered and pampered 10-year old with self-esteem issues.

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

Any for applause! Next he'll have a short back and side like Kim!

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Posted in: Trump says it's 'un-American' not to applaud him See in context

Since Scrote said exactly what I was going to say I will just have to tell a joke i just made up (it goes to different level, mind):

Donald Trump walks into a pub with lame duck under his arm. He goes up to the bar and the bar-keep said, "Waddle it be?" The duck says, "First tee, then applause!".

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Posted in: Trump indirectly warns players over kneeling at Super Bowl See in context

Trump never had any credibility speaking for people other than himself and his greedy horde - he has less now.

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Posted in: Authorities warn parents of Setsubun soybean choking risks for children See in context

And about time!! This has been a serious problem for generations! a. k. a. Oh, FFS!! And next comes a warning about the possible risks of twisted ankles in genkans...

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Posted in: Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18 See in context

This is very suspect. And I am sure chikan will be lining up to buy it (or not) as some kind of soft-porn manual.

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Posted in: Economist Takaaki Mitsuhashi released following arrest for assaulting teenage wife See in context

She made a bad investment... Perhaps.

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Posted in: Conservation group says Japan aiding in illegal ivory trade See in context

Totally not surprised by this. In politics and business in Japan you are only guilty when you get caught. Then, when you are, you say 'sorry' and do your best to set up someone else to continue what you were doing as you watch contritely, 10% pay cut, from afar. The old guard just continue what they have always done and the young do not give a toss. (If anyone knows where this news has been addressed in the local media (esp. newspapers) I would appreciate a heads up.)

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates; first executions since July See in context

19 is not a minor. (Yes, yes, the Japanese laws SAYS it is but 19 is not a minor.)

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Posted in: Mayor accused of sexually harassing woman says he’ll sue her, husband See in context

I struggle to comprehend how you can get your toes licked against your will... Creepy mayor perhaps but I would not be surprised if he were set up.

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Posted in: Trump slams harassment accusers, attacks senator in crude tweet See in context

Sanders (how does she sleep???) said "only those with minds "in the gutter""... which is right up Trump's alley. Every second Trump remains in power (did not say control...) is almost as demeaning to men as it is demeaning to women.

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Posted in: Trump calls Kim 'sick puppy;' threatens new sanctions after N Korea fires ICBM See in context

ICBM shot vs pot shot. Nice.

Surely Kim has to be Time's 'Person of the Year' based on their criteria that it be a person who most influences the world.

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